Reflections on My Failures

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

For those of you doubting yourself: I think I speak for most of us when I say we all started

with those thoughts. Imagine if I had given up after these failures...

Failure: First B in college- considered giving up on pre-med. As a biochem major I got a B- in my first biochem class that I took over the summer and considered dropping the major. I tried studying for the MCAT after sophomore year and barely scored above 500 on a mini-diagnostic. I considered giving up, taking a low score, and applying to less competitive programs.

If I gave up, I wouldn’t have been able to graduate early with B.S. degrees in biochemistry and neuroscience with >3.9. I wouldn’t have pushed myself to study for the MCAT the whole next summer, when I scored in the 99th percentile. I wouldn’t have scored in the top 5% of all my remaining biochem classes.

Failures can be gifts. They make us think hard about who we want to be. I took my failures and turned my difficult subjects into my strengths. I learned new study methods (thank you endlessly medschoolinsiders on YouTube)!! I challenged myself and never gave up. Don’t let all the successes of people on IG fool you, we have all failed and many of us are still struggling. If I didn’t “fail” at studying for the MCAT the first time, I would never have the opportunity to have extra time to volunteer, shadow, and make money tutoring the MCAT in my gap year. I love my job and I feel so excited about the future. Moving forward, I am enthralled to use the premium comparison tool to help my dream med school (!

If you aren’t there yet, keep pushing to be the best you can be. We all have unique strengths to offer the world and the medical community! Someone needs YOU to be their doctor/ nurse/ PA/ surgeon. ❤️