I Was Rejected 13 Times: And That’s Normal

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

This is my second cycle. My 8th interview; 6th this cycle. I've been disappointed, depressed, sad, upset, etc. More words than I even know, I have felt. It's like a giant weight on my shoulders; a constant cloud hanging over me, threatening me with the idea of failure and having to go to Plan B...or C, I don't really remember. I was rejected 13 times between 2 cycles. 13.

March 12, 2019 is a day I will never in my life forget. I experienced all of the emotions. My mom had said (the first time I applied) that she would buy me an iPad for note-taking if I got in. Now this is the second cycle. I texted her when I got off the phone "You owe me an iPad." She called me immediately, skeptical "Why do I owe you an iPad?" I said, "Because West Virginia just called." She's sobbing, I'm sobbing...Then I continue on. I started to think I heard it wrong. Then something else happens to prove me wrong. I get an email. My portal is updated asking for a deposit. Constant reminders that I did not, in fact, imagine the call.

It's honestly very hard to be a blogger on social media during a time like this because I feel like all I ever saw was people with multiple acceptances. People who had a choice on where they attend medical school. I'm here to tell you that a ton of people only get into one school or even DON'T get in. I'm here to tell you that if you get into one school, no matter what, you will thrive wherever you go with whatever you do. I was lucky enough that I fell completely head over heels for WV's campus and town and people.

I realized people probably don't understand how long I have been trying to get in. They don't realize just how much rejection I have dealt with in the past year-year and a half. People who aren't in the medical community more than likely don't know just how hard premeds work JUST TO GET IN. Let me set the record straight; it's a lot. And it's not for the faint of heart AT ALL. But for those of you out there who get scared every time you read something like this saying how hard it is, remember this: YOU CAN DO IT. YOU ARE ABLE. Don't let this be a warning, let it be hope. I was given hope by a current physician while I was at a winery on Bainbridge Island in November. He told me he was rejected 12 times before he was accepted and that I shouldn’t ever give up. Now I am hoping that my story will give someone else the same hope I felt in that moment.

God challenges those who can be challenged. I believe that I was meant to take a gap year, otherwise I wouldn't have found osteopathy, or little Lewisburg, or my coffee shop fam (whose loss is the only downside to all of this). I have loved this past year and I am more than ready to jump back into the thick of it all. Remember that if you get forced into a gap year (or multiple) because you don't get in. As difficult as it may be to understand, there's a reason. And the reason might not be your MCAT isn't good enough, or your grades aren't good enough, or you don't have enough patient care hours. It could simply be that the universe has other plans for you in the meantime (like working as a barista :) With hard work, dedication, persistence, good things will come to you. All you need to do is wait patiently.

Check out Compare Medical School's About Us page to learn how they started their website and are helping to make applying to medical school just a little bit easier even though you still have to work for it :)

(note: I am not in any way recruiting for WVSOM, nor am I promoting any one school)