What is a gap year? 

A gap year is a ​year after undergraduate graduation that premed students often take to help improve the quality their applications. It is common for students to take even more than one gap year based on their situation

Students who decide to take one gap will be applying to medical school during the summer after their senior year and rather than applying after their junior year. 

Should I take a gap year?



Deciding what to focus on during your gap year is a difficult personal decision.


It can be challenging to know where someone should put their energy to benefit their application the most without knowing all of the information. Therefore, we recommend, listing out all facets of your application and identifying any potential weakness. 

While there are few specific mandatory activities, there are categories like shadowing, clinical exposure, and volunteering that should be covered by at least one activity in your application

Consider the questions to help figure out how to spend your gap year.

How should I spend my gap year?