Our Mission

efficient use of time

We have aggregated the relevant information about different medical schools to make it easier for you to compare.

Matching story to story

Medical school admissions is more than just numbers. We want to help you find the schools that best fit your goals and your story.

collaborative community

Medicine is a difficult path, so we hope to connect people committed to the journey to learn from and uplift one another. 

levelling the playing field

As the adage goes: "Knowledge is power." We aim to empower applicants with access to helpful information and resources.

Our Story

We founded Compare Medical Schools when we began our search for our dream medical school. Although we had access to large amounts of information regarding various medical schools, we became increasingly annoyed by having to sort through various websites to compile enough information to differentiate schools from one another outside of the standard metrics.

At its core, we wanted to know which schools best fit our passions and ambitions such that we could utilize the available information to make the most informed choices about how and where to pursue medical training. We aim

to help everyone save time and money in this arduous process of becoming a physician. 

Our Why

Currently, medicine is predominated by people who come from households in the top 1% of income earners. A predictor for how likely you are to become a physician is whether or not you come from a family of physicians. Additionally, according to the AAMC, the percentage of black men in medicine has declined since 1978, pointing to a leaky pipeline for underrepresented groups of people in medicine.


Since a lack of information can restrict people from entering the medical path, we hope to accumulate relevant information such that we can work on leveling the playing field. By providing access to our arsenal of information, we are attempting to increase representation from these underrepresented populations in medicine by allowing for more informed applicants.

Ultimately, we hope to empower people to be able to make informed decisions about medical schools. We also want to offer more cost effective alternatives to supplement resources out there and present the information in a manner that is user friendly.

Our Team

Rithvik Kondai

Washington University in St. Louis


Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psyhology with minors in Computer Science and Mathematics

Harsh Moolani

Washington University in St. Louis


Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience and a minor in South Asian Studies

Derrick Ogola

Washington University in St. Louis


Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology with a minor in Biology